Best practices for handling duty of care for travelling employees

By Pasa – 06 March 2017
Business travel, while often essential, comes with increased risk for travelling employees and heightens the corporate liability of employers in providing duty of care to staff. As employees become more autonomous and book less of their travel through a corporate travel agency, organisations have less visibility into the whereabouts of travelling employees. This can negatively affect employers’ ability to fulfil their duty of care… read more >>

Premium economy is all about middle-class passengers

By Katrina Lobley – 07 February 2017
Economy seat 23C, on a recent Japan Airlines flight from Sydney to Tokyo, offered a clear view up the aisle into premium economy. As the drinks trolley jiggled ever nearer, piccolos of Vollereaux champagne piqued my interest. But as the trolley crossed over the threshold into economy, there was bad news — those bitsy bottles of bubbly, now whisked out of sight, were for premium economy passengers only… read more >>

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